Aquamatic Pool Covers

We have teamed with Aquamatic Cover Systems to provide the most safe and highest quality pool cover on the market. Aquamatic has invested 35 years in pursuit of what matters; Quality. They care about the reliability and performance of their systems and how their systems will fulfill client’s needs for the long haul. Aquamatic’s patented dual‐motor hydraulic design has no equal when it comes to reliability. The Hydramatic, an Automatic Swimming Pool Safety Cover has fewer moving parts than any other system in production. This is a benefit because, fewer moving parts means fewer parts to fatigue and breakdown.

Aquamatic Cover Systems understands what all clients want. They believe their clients choose to make investment decisions based on sound mechanics, warranty, cosmetics and the confidence of working with the proven leaders in their given fields. They know that price is important also. Aquamatic has broken the mold. They provide equipment that gives clients the confidence in their investments that they demand and we do it at a comparable price to all other suppliers.

To learn more about Aquamatic Cover Systems visit or call us at 530-547-4051.