To whom it may concern: I have been using the services of Palo Cedro Pool & Spa for over a decade. Owners Paula & Greg Sweatt and their crew, Harrison and Garret are dependable and they take great pride in their work and in their products. Besides selling pools and spas they also provide services for decking, landscaping and irrigation. After purchasing a spa thru them, I recently purchased a swim spa. Both products are state of the art and of the highest quality. The swim spa has been very beneficial to my back pain. It allows you to swim, do stretching exercises and it also comes with oars for rowing. The construction of my redwood deck went so smoothly. Even changing features as it was being built turned out to be creative and great attention was paid to details. I believe I now have the most awesome deck in Shasta Co. and beyond. Also the most recent project is landscaping my front yard. It will give my property a facelift while also being efficient with easy care. I am happy to provide a reference for Palo Cedro Pool and Spa. I highly recommend them. Sincerely,Josanne Pierce, Millville
May 6, 2013 Greg and his crew are Awesome! Rick and I were informed of every step and what to expect each day with our new pool. We are highly recommending Greg to anyone who is considering a pool and or Landscaping as they have done an awesome job, our back yard is gorgeous! Greg and his crew are fast yet efficient, very friendly and very true to his word through this entire experience. Rick and myself Thank Greg and his crew and family so much for a great experience and a beautiful new back yard. Thank you Palo Cedro Pools and Family.Rick and Laurence Proietti
Palo Cedro Pool & Spa Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Does that seem a bit redundant? Well, it’s hard not to repeat ourselves when our thanks are so abundant! We can’t thank you enough, we are enjoying our pool.Rod, Melanie & Breanna Ruiz
Dear Paula & Greg: We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the fine job you and your staff did in placing our recent fiberglass pool. We certainly appreciate the time Greg took in explaining the benefits of San Juan Pools in helping us to make a final decision in our purchase. Although it seemed at first, like a bomb had hit our backyard, we can certainly and honestly say, we are very pleased with the finished product! We look forward to many summers with our family and friends in our new pool and deck! Thanks so much again for having patience with us too! Sincerely,Matt & Sue Cervenka
To whom it may concern, We have just concluded a project called “installing an in ground swimming pool”. My expectations after dealing with many, many contractors over the years, was that it was going to be a grueling experience to say the least. With the tearing up of front lawns, back lawns and flower beds in order to accommodate all of the earth moving equipment needed to accomplish the job, I was apprehensive at best. Imagine my surprise, when dealing with the family of Palo Cedro Pool & Spa. I was almost unbelieving as I watched and dealt with the ongoing progress. The head man, called Greg by his wife and kids, was on the job, directing the work flow from beginning to end about 99% of the time. Frankly, unheard of in contracting circles. Greg and family were as accommodating after the sale as they were before, also unheard of in contracting circles. The work was performed on time, with constant updates of what was happening and what was to come, for which a neat nick like me is eternally grateful. Each segment of the job was completed with a professional level of guidance from the man himself. Greg and family, thank you so much for the great job, the great experience, and the knowledge that there are truly honest people still around in the contracting business. Sincerely,Hal & Pat Elterman
Dear Greg and Paula, I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful customer service in regard to my pool decking. I know first-hand that concrete can be fickle and there are too many reasons to count why it might have cracked. However, you took responsibility for your job and returned it to its original perfect condition. The new concrete looks very nice and the color matches perfectly and I am very happy. I really appreciate everything you’ve done for us with your hard work and professional conduct. I am grateful to have found such a great company to work with and the added bonus of finding wonderful friends along the way. Please feel free to include me whenever you are in need of references. I would be very pleased to share my wonderful experience working with Palo Cedro Pool & Spa. Sincerely,Linda Ezzat